Generation of operational improvements

Leverage your Data -
Effective analytics

Effective analytics

Using primary off-the-shelf cameras, our Data Harvesting and Presentation is stand-alone, straightforward, and highly effective for quick improvements.

>Cost efficient

Cost efficient

Our SaaS subscription model offers operational Visualization and advanced Analytics for a fraction of conventional Analysis or Consulting Cost - and guarantees rapid ROI.

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We transform standard cameras

into highly accurate sensors,

harvesting accurate metric data to support decision-making significantly,

without requiring the installation of costly hardware sensors.

for Gamification, IIOT, Industry 4.0


Compared to other Object Recognition/Tracking soultions, enpowers Standard Cameras with patented AI/ML Technology.

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>Fast Results

Fast Results

Within an existing infrastructure of camaras in place, we can deliver first Results including Analytics within 24 hours.

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Our Team

We combine 60+ years of experience in AI Engineering, Machine Learning and Operation Consulting.

Thomas Zoehrer
Thomas Zoehrer
MSc in Economics
MSc in Engineering
Oliver King Smith
Oliver King Smith
Ph.D. Berkeley in Mathematics
MBA from Stanford

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